The Journey Inward


What does freedom mean to you? What does self expression look like to the Black woman? 

What are the expectations that weigh you down and stifle your much needed internal growth? How can we release that which impairs our growth while filling ourselves to the brim with revolutionary love?

These questions and more have been plaguing my conscious and subconscious. The pressure to conform to a way of life that feels inherently foreign without the space to breath fresh air. Living in the ultimate concrete jungle-NYC, has pushed me to my internal and external limits. Extreme stress, anxiety and bouts of depression stemming from the stifling hustle and bustle of city life and not honoring the gentler parts of myself. The creative parts. The self expressive parts. 

Operating solely from ego in a city obsessed with material gain has left me spiritually on E. Being motivated by finances and not by creative energy has left me emotionally and spiritually depleted. The lack of spaces dedicated to Black women and women of color are exhausting and discouraging. Its time to feed my soul again. 

In my 28th year, I’ve made a promise-a dedication to myself. To put soul growth first, but what does that mean? What does self preservation and loving on myself look like as a Black woman in america? As a Black women in Ghana? As a sister in Brazil? 

Exploring and owning my imperfect parts, my shadow side, my darkness and my light. Accepting that there is no light without darkness and creating a balance between the two. By turning inward and reflecting reflecting on my needs and desires I can heal myself. Healing myself internally via spiritual work, and feeding my creative, passionate soul by nurturing my abilities. Spreading that inspiration and knowledge around.

Creating this safe womanist space as an extension of myself is apart of that. Sharing thoughts, opinions, inspiration and allowing you to travel on this journey with me is apart of that. Creating a safe space to share, inform and inspire women. Come with me:)